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Name: Jon Bon Jovi
Birth Name: Jon Francis Bongiovi Jr.
Sex: M
Nationality: American
Date: March 2, 1962
Birth Place: Perth Amboy, New Jersey
Occupation: actor, musician
Education: Sayreville War Memorial High School, Sayreville, New Jersey   Studied acting with Harold Guskin
Wife: Dorothea Hurley (married on April 29, 1989, in Las Vegas, Nevada)
Relationship: Diane Lane (actress; broke up)
Father: John Bongiovi (hair dresser)
Mother: Carol Bongiovi
Brother: Anthony Bongiovi, Matthew Bongiovi
Son: Jesse James Louis Bon Jovi (born on February 19, 1995)
Daughter: Stephanie Rose Bon Jovi (born on May 13, 1993)
Claim to fame: as a member of Bon Jovi (1983)    

  • With Enrique Iglesias kick off NFL seasons in Times Square. (July, 2002) Musician/rock star turned actor
  • (1996) Chosen by People (USA) magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world
  • Auditioned for the role of Ashe in Crow: THE CITY OF ANGELS (1996), but was beat out by French actor Vincent Perez.
  • Appeared on the Star Wars Christmas album, Christmas in the Stars. (as John Bongiovi)
  • The acoustical performance of Livin' On A Prayer and Wanted Dead or Alive that Jon and Richie Sambora performed at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards is widely acknowledged as being the genesis/greenlight for MTV's Unplugged series.
  • (November 2000) Given title Sexiest Rock Star from People Magazine.
  • Children, with Dorothea Hurley, Stephanie Rose (b. 1993) and Jesse James (b. 1995)
  • The song August 7, off his solo album Destination Anywhere, is a tribute to his friend/manager Paul Korzilius' daughter Katherine. She died at the age of six under mysterious circumstances on August 7, 1996.
  • Likes driving cars, playing baseball, sleeping, eating junk food, working out at the gym, football, watching cartoons, spending time with his family and playing with his dog Scruffy.
  • He's owned a few cars as well, a white Datsun 280Z in 1988, a '58 Corvette 1988-1992, a Ferrari 328 GTSI 1988-1992; in 1995 Jon owned a Ferrari, Camaro, 2 Corvettes, some Jeeps, Mustang Shelby and a 1957 Lincoln Premier, some motorcycles, among them a Harley Davidson and a snowmobile. In 1996 he owned a Harley Davidson, black Mercedes and a red 91/92 Corvette. He loves sports cars, especially Porsches. He currently drives a Viper.
  • Likes wearing casual clothes, jeans and shirts
  • He has sensitive eyes against sunlight and cigarette smoke, that's why he always wears sunglasses. During spring he has allergies and hay fever.
  • He started smoking in 1994 during the making of MOONLIGHT AND VALENTINO (1995) but quit again. Picked it back up during the making of THE LEADING MAN (1996) and after the 1996 tour because he just likes it.
  • Jon and wife Dorothea expected their third child in summer 2002
  • Band broke up after New Jersey CD
  • Alec John such left after Crossroad CD
  • Jon and Richie performed at the MTV music awards with just two acoustic guitars for the long Wanted Dead Or Alive
  • He did a solo: Destination Anywhere in 1997
  • Stared in several movies in his acting career
  • Loved to go in magazines
  • His mother is a florist
  • Jon Francais Bongiovi was his proper name
  • He has two tattoo's: one of Superman.

Jon Bon Jovi won Golden Globe for Best Original Song - Motion Picture in 1991 for YOUNG GUNS II.

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