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Bloodhound Gang...

Who came up with that album title 'Hooray For Boobies'?? Jimmy Pop- "Our friend Perry, who's in Nerf Herder. We played in Wisconsin with him and instead of saying, 'Madison, are ya ready to rock?' He said, "'Horray for boobies!" I said, "'Thats a good Title!"

Some people think its offensive, what is your comment? Jimmy Pop- "People get upset about what offends them. People who think were misogynistic dont hear the male-bashing jokes (on the album)

The video for your single "The Bad Touch" is hilarious. Is humor a really big part of your image? Is humor a really big part of your image? Jimmy Pop- "We make the records that you put on at a party to have a good time. (But) you have to be careful (with humor) because you can go into the realm of stupid. There is a line you cross where it stops being cool and becomes "Weird Al Yankovic".

Where does the name come from?
Jimmy Pop: "A pbs show, 3-2-1 Contact, which had a segment called 'The Bloodhound Gang'. We thought it sounded tough, like Wu-Tang Clan"

After being asked to tone down thier performance for a concert in Boise, Idaho, The Bloodhound Gang decided to cancel the show

What does the Bloodhound Gang Request for their hotel rooms?
A monkey skeleton and skittles seperated by color

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