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Aerosmith facts
  • Alicia Silverstone was in 3 videos
  • The band claims to have spent millions of dollars on drugs
  • Their record company re-signed them and the band is under contract until 2007- Their average age will be 55
  • lived clean and sober since 1988
  • As a girl, Liv Tyler thought Todd Rundgren was her father but found out at the age of 9 that it was Steve Tyler
  • In 1979, The band split up for 5 years after the guitarist's wife poured milk on the bassists' wife
  • They used to tear up hotel rooms with chainsaws
  • Steven travels with a switchblade he calls Mongous, 3 black leather roses, a talking skull, and 2 smurfs
  • Stevens father was a pianist
  • Steven Tyler was expelled from school fro buying drugs
  • They once asked thier record company for a cash advance-they refused. So Steven punched a hole in the wall, signed it and left. The hole is still there.
  • Steven didnt meet Liv until she was 9 years old
  • Steven was put on a $20 per day allowance in 1980-managers feared he'd spend all his money on drugs
  • They recently signed a new record deal - each member reportedly go $6 million
  • In 1986, the entire band went into rehab and narrowly avoided carreer suicide
  • Alicia Silverstone only met the band once
  • Drummer Joey Kramer burned his arm in July 1998
  • A veteran composer named Diane Warren wrote "I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing"
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"Dude looks like a lady" -1987
"Jailbait" -1982
"Big Ones" is thier greatest hits album
"The Streak" -1974
"Lord of the Thighs" -1974

NAME:Steven Tallarico
Born: March 26, 1948
Place: New York, NY
Sign: Aries