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Timothy Wheeler

Born - 4th January 1977 in Downpatrick, Co. Down
Instrument - Guitar (and vocals)
Height - 5ft 7"
Weight - Less
Hair colour - Dark
Influences - Thin Lizzy, Abba
Likes - Music, Sex, Champagne, Snow
Hates - Music, tv
Home - Downpatrick, not the Good Mixer in Camden as some people say

Mark Hamilton

Born - 21st March 1977
Instrument - Bass guitar
Height - 6ft 1"
Weight - Heavy
Hair colour - Auburn
Influences - Nirvana, Sonic Youth
Likes - Snow, Super Mario Bros.
Loves - Star Wars (anything to do with), spliff
Hates - FISH
Prized Possesion - Carrie Fisher autograph
Home - Downpatrick, Co. Down
Desired second occupation - Pilot

Charlotte Franklin Hatherly

Born - 20th June 1979
Instrument - Guitar
Height - 5ft 8"
Hair colour - Dark
Influences - Bowie/ George Orwell
Loves - Bands and going to gigs
Hates - Tomato
Prized Possesion - CD collection and big cactus
Home - Finsbury Park
Desired second occupation - Travelling photographer

Rick McMurrary

Born - 11th July '75, Larne, Co Antrim
Instrument - Drums, cymbals, tambourine, big maracas and young boys
Height - 5ft 7"
Weight - 9st at start of tour, going down to 7st at end
Hair colour - Light brown 5hrs ago now peroxide blonde
Eyes - Four white
Car driven - Mum's car
Car wanted - Big pink beetle
Fave thing - My shoes and my glasses
Fave TV - Shit Australian soaps, Rikki Lake
Pets - Dog, wild ants and three baby nitliks (small Irish toads)
Fingernails - Long manicure by Maurice
Fave Place - Australia