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Lindsay was also born and raised in the suburbs of Chattanooga, Tennessee. She is currently a student at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Nursing. She has always been a very musical person an was enrolled in piano lessons throughout elementary school. Taking a cue from her father, Lindsay began playing drums at the age of thirteen. It was soon after this that she began playing with many short-lived high school bands, never making much real progress other than gaining experience and having a good time. Lindsay began teaching herself to play guitar at the age of fifteen on her mother's old (3/4 size) guitar, and she immediately began writing songs. For her seventeenth birthday, Lindsay received a nice acoustic guitar. This, along with the breakup of her current band, prompted Lindsay to move in a new direction with music.

Shortly after the start of her senior year of high school, Lindsay was given the opportunity to record a one-song demo for free. Previously she had been only a drummer in regards to playing with bands; Lindsay did not consider herself a singer and did so only in conjunction with her song composition. She recorded the demo by writing and playing all guitar, piano, and drum parts, and the outcome was a somewhat promising Fiona Apple-type song.

Although her songwriting continued, Lindsay's recording efforts ceased mainly because it was, simply, her senior year of high school. She began college in the fall immediately following her high school graduation, and the transition again prevented recording. At the end of this first year, Lindsay began working with Michael, and their friendship developed initially because of a mutual interest in music. A few months later, Lindsay moved out of her parents' house and simultaneously began dating Michael and writing music with him. The debut album Stories About You developed from this, as did Michael and Lindsay's marriage. Lindsay has developed her singing skills significantly from the time her first demo was recorded because of the intensity of the songwriting taking place in the past year.