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current lineup

ARES / guitars, vocals       RADEK        / guitar
ERIK  / drums                   MORRIGAN / bass, keyboard

Ares and Erik have both helped out Gorgoroth on tour and in the studio. Ares have also helped out Immortal on their 1998 festival tour with Mardouk and Cannibal Corpse. Morrigan have played keyboards and bass with Obtained Enslavement.

completed tours

Aeternus have been touring Europe since 1997 together with:

1997 - Hades, Helheim, Isvind
1997 - Emperor, Limbonic Art
1998 - Nocturnal Breed, Aura Noir
1999 - Deicide, Rotting Christ, Ancient Rites, Behemoth
1999 - Cannibal Corpse,Marduk,Angel Corpse,Defleshed

the beginning

Aeternus was formed by Ares in 1993. Having played in many other bands, he soon wanted to create one of his own that stood apart from others at the time. He formed a style of music which he classified as Dark-Metal. Taking influences from many sources, including metal and folk music, the sound he created was, and continues to be, unique.

To begin with a demo was released in 200 copies, entitled "Walk my Path". This received very good critics and led to the band signing a contract for one MCD with View Beyond Records from the Czech Republic. Although a small label, they did a good job at promoting the band futher with the cult release "Dark Sorcery" and this led to a contract with Hammerheart Records from Holland.

first album

The first full length album was released on Hammerheart in 1997. Entitled "Beyond the Wandering Moon", recorded at Grieghallen Studio, the album differed from the MCD, with a number of faster more intense tracks as opposed to the more slow, majestic feel of "Dark Sorcery". This was a suprise to many, but not a negative one and this debut album sold and continues to sell well and got the band world-wide promotion with positive reviews in the metal-press.

A few months after it's release , Aeternus went on tour in support of the album. Covering most European countries, Aeternus began to get the reputation of one of the best live bands to arrive at the scene in a long time. A war machine on stage, Aeternus took Europe by storm and sales rocketed.

second album

Another tour with Emperor took place before the release of the second album, "And so the Night Became". Much in the same vein as "Beyond..." this album gave the anxiuos fans more power and intensity without loosing the dark atmosphere which had become one of Aeternus trademarks. The band toured twice in support of this album, first on a co-headline tour, and then as a support-act for Deicide. This did a lot to promote the band even further, opnening the eyes of the Death-Metal audience as well as the loyal Black-Metal one.

Aeternus also played at the "Under the Black Sun" festival in Leipzig, Germany, and was hailed as one of the best bands of the festival.

third album

The third album, "Shadows of Old" have been a major breakthrough for the band. The new material is even more powerfull and intense than the previous releases and the production have been acclaimed as one of the best to come from Grieghallen Studio.

Aeternus have been featured in most of the major rock-press, world wide, and continues to attract new admirers as well as the loyal fan-base which have stuck with the band from the beginning.


Aeternus is currently working on new material which will be recorded this summer at Grieghallen Studio, once again. An EP containing unreleased tracks and rare live recordings (from a.o. Hulen, Bergen) will be released in the fall of 2000 and might be followed by a tour at the end of the year.

The fourth album will be released in 2001 and promises to be yet another killer, and several steps forward in the evolutionary path of Aeternus.