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The TwigDiary Continues . . .
TwigDaddy has started recording his journal entries on a computer. Tsk, tsk. He doesn't know that his computer is being accessed on a regular basis each time he turns it on. Oh the many wonders of programs like PCAnywhere!



January 1, 2001

Had to work last night . . . B-O-R-I-N-G! Looking forward to having a few days off before the tour starts up again.

January 3, 2001

I had errands today. The first was to feed the cat. The little punk wants to be treated like a star now that he's been seen on MTV thanks to Manson's "Diary" show. Then I had to take care of the "special" errand. I was forced to take the bus because you can't keep a fucking caddy in this city anymore!! No sooner do you park it, it gets stolen. There was a brown caddy parked across the street from the house. It looked pretty shitty.

I went to the Super Wal-Mart. Shit yeah! Their specials are way better than K-Mart! I got everything I needed, but was still pretty pissed off over my car. Just to share this pissiness, I took my 6 items and stood in the regular checkout line. Three things will piss of a Wal-Mart shopper: 1) being stuck in line behind 3 people with 38 items in each of their carts; 2) a cashier who has to cheerfully discuss and analyze each and every one of those 38 items with the shopper; and 3) being the person with 38 items who is stuck behind some ass who should have gotten in the Express Line!

As I left the store, I got a whiff of perfume that got me pretty horny. The "twig" was ready for some backstage action even though I wasn't backstage. It smelled like Jean Nate! I love that shit! The problem was that the perfume was connected to a couple of fans who started chasing me. Elsewise, it would have been time for Poontang in the Plaza!! Fortunately, my ride arrived just in time!

January 5, 6, 9 and 10

A grand total of 12 phone messages, 9 letters, and three telegrams from TwigMama. I'm not going to answer her because I KNOW she's responsible for killing my pooch! DAMNIT! The calls were collect too. (Note: Tell housekeeper not accept any long distance collect calls)

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