KiTTiE Bio
So who is KiTTiE you ask?
well if you dont know then you are truley deprived but here they are...

Morgan Lander - Talena Atfield - Mercedes Lander - Fallon Bowman
Vocals/Guitar - Bass/Vocals - Drums - Guitar/Vocals

The origional bassist of KiTTiE now in the band Candy Darlings. If it wasn't for her leaving KiTTiE, Tanlena wouldnt be in, but im happy things are the way they are. There are many reasons why she left KiTTiE. Some say she left because KiTTiE got big and she wanted to stay local, plus she wanted a normal teenage life. Others say she was asked to leave by the band because of her controvercial blowup dolls on stage. What ever the reason is, she's out. She is what you hear on all KiTTiE recordings up to the SPIT ep. She even origionally sang Paperdoll. Below is a pic of KiTTiE back in the Tanya years...

KiTTiE was founded in their hometown of London, Ontario Canada in 1996 when Fallon and Mercedes started off playing Nirvana and Silverchair covers in the Lander's basment. Later on, Morgan joined as the hesitant vocalist. And even later after that, Talena replaced the origional bassist, Tanya. KiTTiE was playing a festival in Toronto when recording companies first founded interest in them. They were signed and began recording SPIT in May of 1996. They decided to record in the same small studio as they recorded their demos. They dont want to be called a girl band, they are metal. They want to be known as an aggressive band rather than a bunch of girlies from canada. They aren't all for girl power and they aren't a fem-band, they are just another band doing it for the music they love, metal.