Juggalo Wrestlers

Billy Bill
ICP's long time homie and bodyguard Billy Bill began his wrestling career in NAW, moved on to defeat Cousin Cleatus in Stranglemania Live, and also made appearances in Hellfire and JCW...

Jamie Madrox, a 6'4" 275 lb. serial killer, is a manic compulsive- depressant who suffers from a fixation of reality mind states where in fact he breaks down reality with levels of multiple personalities to control his own personal reality. (got it)
Monoxide Child, a 6'2" 200 lb. maniac, is considered a schizophrenic paranoidal compolsive chain addicted smoker. He suffers from a dependancy and adiction to nicoteen based products. Although he enjoys the Newport brand Monoxide has been known to smoke any tobacco product and when last evaluated he was smoking an average one and a half packs an hour. ( thats alotta smoke!)

Rude Boy
The Rude Boy has had a long and distinguished/disfunctional career at Psychopathic as well as in wrestling. He truly lives up to the name "Rude Boy". He began his career managing the tag team Los Rudos, to tag team gold across the nation. When need be, he gets in their with the best of them. He was also European champion for many years in the NAW…

Tom Dub
This Psychopathic homie began his career when.... er... ok, he doesn't have much of a career in wrestling. He wrestled at Hellfire Wrestling as That Skinny Kid, and got helly beat! But he won't give up! Some say he is a wrestling mark and will do anything to be a pro wrestler... Others say he is just trying to look cool and get chicks... Regardless, one thing IS for sure: Bet on the other guy!

Insane Clown Posse(Juggalo Tag Team Champs)
This insane wrestling and rapping duo are no strangers to the ring. They have wrestled in the ECW, WWF, and the WCW, as well as in Detroit's own Hellfire Wrestling. Now the Insane Clown Posse are bringing their insanity to Juggalo Championsh*t Wrestling!!!

Alex Abbiss
While Alex Abbiss may not actually be a wrestler, he is no stranger to the world of Pro-Wrestling. He is the man with the plan, manager extroidinaire. Some of the talent in which he has managed includes Brotherhood of Justice, Cobalt, Ninja Onito, The High Sticker, and The Chicken Boy's Cousin Cletus's ill fated solo career. He also helped ICP ink contracts with the ECW, WCW, and WWF. Some of the most explosive coupe d' etats of the wrestling world have been organized by this man, behind the scenes.
Alex Abbiss is also owner of Juggalo Championsh*t Wrestling, and will not show mercy to those wrestlers in JCW who refuse his will.

Evil Dead
Some say that on dark and lonely nights, a long passed away wrestler arises from Knapp cemetery to once again return to the ring... others say it is just Violent J's brother Jumpsteady in a stupid rubber mask... no one knows for sure...
But one thing is sure, Evil Dead has proven to be undefeatable in the ring, despite being dead for the past 36 years!

Mad Man Pondo
Mad Man Pondo is one of the most violent, hardcore, sick and twisted men in the sport. He has had some of the most gruesome matches ever seen in a wrestling ring, including a Four Corners of Pain Matches (the ring is surrounded by different weapons on all sides, including thumb tacks, mouse traps, barbed wire, and broken glass), a ring surrounded by cactuses and rubbing alcohol match, and many other violent encounters Carrying his trusty ("Can't) STOP (Pondo!") sign to the ring, he is a force to be reckoned with in the hardcore ranks of JCW. He comprises "The Freaks of Nature" with Pete Madden



F.F Barrel Boy



Former Wrestlers

Angel competed at both Stranglemania Live and Hellfire Wrestling in hardcore matches against a GUY... namely Mad Man Pondo. Any chick who can stand toe to toe with one of the most violent men in the sport today is someone nobody in their right mind should ever try to mess with.
Formerly a valet in ECW, "The Virgin Princess" has been known in recent years as one of the most ruthless women in professional wrestling

Pete Madden

He was a part of the "Dead Pool" in WCW with ICP and Vampiro. He has competed in all three of the "big" promotions: WWF, WCW, and ECW…just like ICP. Raven was quite helpful to the Clowns at the first JCW show in December. He DDT'ed everybody in site that wasn't down with the clown and vows to be down till he's dead in the ground.

Serious Darius Bagfelt
Serious Darius is an overseas overlooker for Psychopathic Records. He manages various Psychopathic sweatshops throughout Malaysia and also opium factories in the Sudan, next to Abdullah's other rib shack. Whenever he gets the chance, he is the voice of JCW. Whether it be ringside color commentary, ring announcing, or interviewing wrestlers backstage, he does his job and he does it well

Terek the Great
Terek is one of the sorriest excuses in human life. He is just plain stale. Terek recently lost a "loser must be Doink for six months" match to arch rival Truth Martini and thus, Terek The Crackhead magically has turned into Terek The Doink.


Izzy High

Tommy Rich

Brian Gorie

Balls Mahoney
Balls is a veteran of professional wrestling. He has competed under various gimmicks and personas from Boo Bradley to Xanta Claus. Balls is most noted for his ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) work and his former tag team involving Axl Rotten. Balls is a personal homie of ICP's. He lended a helping hand at the first JCW show against ICP enemies King Kong Bundy, Ron Magnolia, and Doink The Clowns.

Chick Foley (This isn't Mankind)
She competed against Angel in a thumbtack match back in December. Besides the fact that she likes to play in thumbtacks like kids like to play in sandboxes, she dresses like Mankind. Same mask, same shirt, same hair

Corperal Robinson

Abdullah the Butcher

Hollywood Chuck Hogan
We don't have to tell you about this ninja. You have seen him on Stranglemania 2.

Dirty Don Montoya

Dave Prazak

2 Tuff Tony
2 Tuff Tony is a fresh competitor straight outta Detroit. He debuted with JCW with a victory against "Dirty" Dan Mantana in a "Double Tables" match last December. His finishing maneuver straight shocks people outta of their seats: the top rope corkscrew plancha through a table. If he could have it his way all the time, the tables would be on fire, wrapped in barbed wire, and layered with glass and tacks. But, before he could jump on his opponent, the table would probably fall completely apart.

Ian Rotten

Iron Shiek
The name of Shiek creates an overly-sensitive nature which causes you to sense and feel far more than you can understand or put into words. The Iron Shiek, who hails from Iran, is a former World Wrestling Federation Champion. His finishing move, The Camel Clutch, is one of the most feared moves in the sport. Most recently, The Iron Shiek appeared on the Jerry Springer Show and is looking for fearce competition in JCW!

King Kong Bundy
King Kong Bundy began professional wrestling back in 1981. Bundy, who hails from Atlantic City, N.J. weighs in at 446 lbs. and stands 6'4. In 1985, King Kong Bundy defeated S.D Jones at Wrestlemania from Madison Square Garden in a record 9 seconds. In 1986 he wrestled Hulk Hogan in a steel cage match at Wrestlemania II from the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Bundy has appeared on the TV show Married....with Children for three episodes and was also on the TV show Weird Science. In 1995, Bundy battled The Undertaker at Wrestlemania XI match. The Undertaker may have walked out with the victory, but he never got his Tombstone on the great Bundy! in 1999, King Kong Bundy invades JCW!

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