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It's time for a long awaited site overhaul especially with the new demise of Britney. Any new photos, songs, or anything else you have and want to share would be greatly appreciated. Please send them to the e-mail address that can be found at the bottom of this page! If you are easily offended, under 13, or like Britney hit the back button on your browser now. This site contains content that may be found offensive or inappropriate for children under the age of 13(on certain pages there is some vulgar language you have been fore-warned). If that criteria excludes you, click the enter button thats in light green, and have fun reading the parodies, jokes, and top ten lists. Any comments you have will be greatly appreciated so just e mail them to the link below, however, if you do not want them posted please specify in the e mail that you don't want them posted and I will respect that.

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