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Mob at Fault:

aaaaa DuNcE is a new-school "Thug Rock" band spawned from the loins of the almost non-existent hard rock music scene in Windsor, Ontario (Canada). The line-up includes a total of four members, each bringing their own particular style into the fray to create the sickest musical entity the world has ever heard.
aaaaa Combining elements of metal, punk, hardcore, funk, and rap, the band creates a hauntingly unique sound that it has furiously unleashed upon an unsuspecting world like a musical version of the black plague. DuNcE utilizes cryptic lyrics,sick hip-hop backbeats, hypnotic funk-inflected bass grooves, abbrasive industrial rhythms and all-out sonic lunacy to infiltrate the airwaves and catch in society's brain like a fishhook.
aaaaa That's right kiddies, DuNcE has arrived... and they WILL be heard.

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Newz (March 25, 2K3)
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