(these are just a few reasons we could think of)


Freze Jacuquez in the background of Paperback Writer.

"Let's go back and get 'em" scene in Help.

John!!! (obviously you guys can tell Joan did this one...)

Paul calling his bike in Help.

They're from the 60's!

"I've been to Olympia, I lit the tourch...there's still some left."

Ringo and the snow horse in Help.

Sgt. Pepper album and outfits.

John's comment before "Twist and Shout" at the Royal Variety Preformance.

Hello, Goodbye promo video

George's heroic rescue of Ringo in Help.

Their Shakespeare references.

The Abbey Road album.

The fact they are quotable.

White Album photos and album.

Ringo's unique drumming style.

The way putting "Flying/Blue Jay Way" on continuous repeat can make you forget that it's NOT the sixties. (Paula has been a victim of this occurance, she actually forgot what a computer was at one point...don't ask...)

The way their music was revolutionary in style.

The "1,2,3,fa!" count at the beginning of the Please, Please Me album.

"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."

Their great harmonies.

All the puns in the movie Yellow Submarine.

"Come in number 7 your time's up!"

They're British!

More to come....

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