History of the Roadents


It began the summer of 1999 when they were participating in "Pre-registration".  A girl that goes by Joan Lenn met up with another girl that goes by Paula Macca.  Come time for actual classes to begin, Joan and Paula found themselves being suitemates...mainly because Joan couldn't remember Paula's name, otherwise they would have been roommates.
It was somewhere between mid-November, early December that Joan introduced Paula to The Beatles.  Paula (being the sixties obsessed person she was...) instantly started liking the Beatles music.  It was then that Paula formed a plan (a very famous plan) she was going to start a band.  But didn't know what to call it (name ideas were: The Judsonites, The Rats, and someother names that fail to come to mind)...that all changed after a strange dream.

Then came Georgia...She had all the makings of being our lead guitarist, only one tiny problem...She wasn't exactly familar with the Beatles.  That was soon changed after Joan, Paula, and Georgia had a veiwing of A Hard Day's Night during short term.  After the movie was over, Georgia turned to them and said "I like it." Which was pretty much the same thing George had said after his first veiwing of AHDN.  So, Georgia was brought into the band.

Raina came to us under an interesting situation. At her audition, she had no drums. We were at dinner in the dining hall. It happened to be chinese food day so, Raina proceeded to use her chopsticks to play on cups, bowls, and plates. Joan and I liked how she actually had a beat going with her style, so we asked her to join.

And that's us...The Roadents.