Simon Wright: Drums

Simon Wright was born on June 19, 1963 in Alden, England. At 18 he joined an unknown Manchester based band called Tora Tora who released just one self-financed single, 'Red Sun Setting' on the Mancunian Metal label. In 1980 Simon Wright joined AIIZ and recorded the live 'Witch Of Berkeley' LP for Polydor. However, AIIZ fell apart, going on to release just one more record, a single titled 'I'm The One Who Loves You' prior to splitting up. By the end of 1982 Simon had moved to London and joined the more promising Tytan, a powerful British band of fluctuating personel who sounded like a cross between Black Sabbath and Whitesnake. The outfit had released an excellent 12-inch single, 'Blind Men And Fools', and were recording a debut album called 'Rough Justice' for Kamikaze Records when Simon took over from former Judas Priest drummer Les Binks (Simon did three tracks for the record). However, financial problems eventually buried Tytan, leaving an unfinished album. Tytan folded during the Summer 1983. The future looked bleak for Simon Wright, until a friend spotted an ad in the paper and insisted on him applying. The ad said: "Heavy Rock drummer wanted. If you don't hit hard, don't apply". Simon did two auditions; the first one just playing along to two or three songs, and then the second one, a couple of days later, with AC/DC. After the second audition, the band invited him to sit down with them to discuss touring arrangements. He was in AC/DC. In 1989, Simon Wright took up an offer from Ronnie James Dio to play on Dio's new album, 'Lock Up The Wolves'. And while initially it was claimed Simon was merely guesting on the record as a session drummer, a few months later it was announced that he'd been inducted as a full member of Dio's band. But Simon did not last long with Dio. Ronnie James Dio disbanded his group to rejoin Black Sabbath only one year after Simon Wright jumped in. Since then Simon has been working with Rhino Bucket who released an album titled 'Pain' in 1984.

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