Welcome to my NIN Page. This page is dedicated to Nine inch nails. I have worked long on this page and this is my first real nin page, my last attempt to make a NIN page was embarassing. I used some other program to make it and it turned out to be a worthless piece of crap. So, this is my 2nd attempt and i must say this one is 10 times better than my last. If you see any broken links, please report them by emailing me. Any comments about the page, any ideas of what i could add, any suggestions about anything at all are all welcome and appreciated. Please sign my Guestbook below. Also, please answer the NIN poll question on the Album Reviews Page. I had to learn html code in order to make this page worth looking at so i learned a little of the basics of html. Anyone want to submit NIN tabs, please do. I would like to get a NIN Tabs page for this site. Email me. I'll give all credit for the tabs to you. Make sure they are your own tabs. Also, I would like to get NIN mp3's on my Sounds Page, my only concern is copywright laws and such. If anyone could hook me up with some that i can put on my page, please email me or leave a message in the guestbook. I'm pretty much learning everything as I go along. I will be updating this page whenever possible so please bookmark this site, any questions about anything, just ask by email or guestbook.

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