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1080’s next gig is...

1080 is a diverse band, playing music ranging from soulful ballads to modern rock. 1080 is a majority cover band but has also released an original album titled 'Another Day'. It’s an amazing feat in itself that we are together these days ‘cause 2 out of the 5 members of 1080 live in Perth, 1 is in Clackline, 1 is in Northam and 1 lives in Bunbury! Some say we’re crazy but they’re wrong we’re COMPLETELY MAD! 1080 tours throughout Western Australia spreading the good word that is rock and roll. 1080 has very reasonable rates so if you need us to rock your town then just contact 1080.

1080's motto is to play good music you can dance to and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it. Until that stops happening... we'll still be here!

1080’s playlist can be found here

1080 in action

1080 is:

Glen 'the Dugong' Dunkerton - Lead Vocals

Our illustrious lead singer famed for his ability to wombat almost any sized glass! Don't dare him to do something because he probably will!

Also quite a naughty boy when it comes to making up his own lyrics for well known songs!

'Crazy' Luke Morgan - Lead Guitar

The lead guitarist extraordinaire.

Known for his love of blues and all things rock and roll.

Has been known to drift into a world of his own during his solos. Hence having a complete disregard for the impending end of the song!

Jamie 'Jimbo' Henderson - Rhythm Guitar

Known for his ability to continue playing even through a fairly heavy blast of the smoke machine!

Being one of the unattached members of the band, he tends to get all the 'luck'! Which has prompted other members to say "I wish I was doing this at 18!"

Glen 'Patto' Patton - Bass/Backing vocals

Our newest member is setting hearts on fire with his good looks... I'll let you be the judge!

Recently became very popular with the younger members of our audience when he dressed up as the Easter Bunny at our Jimmy Barnes support gig.

Chris 'Chridder' Upson - Drummer/Backing vocals

Has been known to do his best drum solos when nobody was looking... damn!

Got very excited at one particular gig and played shirtless! Fortunately not many people saw it so they continue to come back and watch.

Definitely the most popular member of the band. (Can you tell who wrote this?)

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