HeRo- Ricky Martin

cOlOr- Blink 182 Blue

bigGesT InFlUencES- Crappy Punk Rock boardskating

SoNG-when sad- adams song, reebok commercial, when lonely- waggy, when pissed- better off dead, hit or miss, does my breath smell, when party-down-boogie-up-mood - the spice gurls

CD- the ones i burn off of napster...its free dammit!! and im...uh....shaaaarring :-)

First GirlfrienD.- aaahhhh yes that sexy body he had and his jet black hair and blue green eyes, his tight butt...oh, sorry was this about first gurlfriend or guyfriend?!?!?

tV shOW- Simpsons

Movie- Urethra cronicles-Blink 182

qOUte fOR All THRee oF oUr PhAns TO lIVe bY- Good things come to those who wait... is it my turn yet?


Tony is an escaped lab monkey. He has been on the run from science for years. I foubd him in the trashcan last year and he taught hinself to play guitar. He has also worked on singing and is now ready to step into the world and be a LoSEr.He still might be gay however(put in by request of Tony....I think...I haven't learned his hand signals yet.)