HeRo- Mark hoppus

cOlOr- Dark khaki

bigGesT InFlUencES- Punk Rock of any sort, new or old

SoNG-Better off dead

CD- Alec MCinnes and the irish lords of dance

FiRsT giRlFrIEnd- Beth wolbach

tV shOW- The Simpsons

MovIE- South Park

qOUte fOR All THRee oF oUr PhAns TO lIVe bY- If at first you don't succeed, pay someone to do it for you


Soupy has been my friend for almost two years and we started the band together. He's a cool kid who has been from the dregs of society and back, making him the most emotionally strong member of LoSEr. Soupy Started out in the streets. Coming from a family ruled by pornography and having to live of the knowledge of the street soupy delved deeply into a pit of drugs and alcohol ( He didn't get woman, if he had this band would not be called LoSEr!) Eventually it all became to much and soupy checked him self into rehab. After 3 years of painful recovery Soupy helped me start the band, and is one of the biggest influences of the band when it comes to punk.