HeRo-Kurdt Cobain


BiGGesT InFluEncES-Nirvana, Bush, Cake and especialy Enya



FiRSt GuRlFrienD-N/A...somewhere over the rainbow

Tv SHoW-anything on the spanish channel

Movie-Dykes on Bykes

Robin's Story-

Robin's story is a sad one. At the tender age of three Robin's parents (Whom he has never met)left him in the bathroom of a kfc. One of the main cooks found him there and decided to adobt him. Robin lived the rest of his life on KFC lovin, Bluegrass and hardcore rap. Robin can only suppose that his parents where either rednecks,black, or very very lost. (We don't want to offend anyone with the above statement because i'm not racist or want to make fun of anyone but only Afro-americans, Midwest/southerners, and those looking for directions ever stop in KFC.)and so concludes robins tale of heartache, heartbreak, and robins sad pathetic life