The Song UNnamed

Its nine o'clock on friday night an i'm all alone
And when I close my eyes I wonder where shes gone
My friends don't understand what I'm going through
I miss her so much but what can I do

People don't know whats it's like to be alone
Every day just wanting to goi home
How many more days will you be in my head
My mind is filled with the things you last said

I hate to say goodbye
It breaks my heart
And I want to tell her all
but where to start
I miss her in so many different ways
and I know that its not just a phase


The Ska song

When everyone feels bad
and nobodys alright
it'll be okay
wait for tonight
and i know your sad
and i know it hurts
just when you thinik
it couldn't get worse

It'll be okay someday
just give it time
it'll be alright someday
just close your eyes

But i'm not mad
I lost no trust
I'm still in love
They can't break us


When everyone feels bad
and nobodys alright
it'll be okay
wait for tonight


Lauren Got Dumped

They want us to be like Romeo and Juliet
But they both die in they end
I just can't let that happen
so you and I can keep laughing

Everything is falling into place and its you and me
You put a smile on my face but we can't be
this is how i spend my days alone with me
and i hate to be this way can't you see

That I'm okay
thought it would hurt someday
I'll keep you as my friend
I promise this is no end

chorus(I won't let you down)

PUMA Shoes

Soupy likes DCs Jon likes Vans
But to me it would have to be
puma shoes you are there
the only thing i ever were is you
you were there with that old girlfriend
and you'll be there till the end OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU

Shut Up

Hi my name is who gives a damn
I think we should get to know each other
How are you well i'm fine
Soon we'll depend on each other
We'll go out say i love you
but somehow in the end
we'll break esach others hearts
Thats how its supposed to happen

Are you for me cause i'm for you
and soon we'll know if its true
and then i can figure out
eyond a shadow of a dought

I lonely left without a hug
where are all my so-called friends
I'm home sick remembering the past
When will all this bull-shit end


Answers in the Stars

I shed a tear not for the heartbreak but for the pain of being alon
I thought that I was sad but its just not that bad Iíll have to make it on my own
I canít have this hanging over my head this burden I drag along
And it felt like such a long time but its just really not hat long

And I look to the stars for answers cause i canít find them here
and I look to the stars for answers to dry my tears

the world revoles but I stand still
as things pass I watch with will
and hope to live to breate
but now these things mean nothing to me


I was there for u where were u for me
And I guess now all will see
I draw on my hand my mind wanders
And I look to the stars for all my answers

chorus several timesThe Gurls Room

I saw you you saw me
Your smile I canít see
Wat happened to those day
When u were all amazed
With the things that I do
Its to late Iíve lost you

I fall they laugh
Somehow Iím last
Iíll never be enough for you
Just when you know
Its time to go
But I just canít leave your here

Your face in the crowd
Hide away and unfound
The jokes that I once made
The dates that I delayed
Forever and always
Together till later days


shes gone and Iím wrong again


She has dirty blonde hair and blue green eyes
And shes always there tot ell me its alright
She has some faith but not to much
Because she still knows how to have fun

Kristina where are you
I knowiíll find u someday
Kristina where are u
If I see u please donít turn away

She likes when I hold her and she hold me back
And I canít help staring at her perfect rack
She has the geatest smile and she like my band
And I have to admit shes better than my hand

chorus x 2