HeRo- Travis Barker

cOlOr- Jon

bigGesT InFlUencES- Punk & Surfing

SoNG-I don't remeber what Jon said but we'll say...Bust A Move by Young MC

CD- probobly Mest(again with the remembering thing)

First GirlfrienD.- Janine

tV shOW- Simpsons

Movie- Danm i forget again...oh yeah..."Paul the gay Porno Plumber"

qOUte fOR All THRee oF oUr PhAns TO lIVe bY- Shit...what was it...


Jon is the strong silent type during the day. At night however he becomes...Stereotypicaly Gay Man. Riding in his car the Homobile Jon searches out crime. With a pink Margarita in one hand and his truty wang'o'rang in the other, Jon is feared but all crimanals.