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Personality Profile
Hard working, self motivated, trustworthy and reliable person. Relish a challenge and respond well under pressure and equally happy working alone or part of the team. Have a sense of humor, a relaxed easy going manner and open minded approach to problems. Experience in management skill, communication, interviewing, hiring, evaluating and firing applicants, implementing rules and procedures, negotiating, conduct training, information technology, solving problems, leadership and teamwork.

Personal Data

Special Strength and Skills

  • Hard Working
  • Self Motivated
  • Trustworthy and Reliable Person
  • Relish a challenge and respond well under pressure
  • Have a sense of Humor and easy going manner
  • Open Minded Approach to any Circumstances
  • Equally Happy working alone or part of the Team
  • Experience in Management skill, Communication, Interviewing, Hiring, Evaluating and firing applicant.
  • Implementing Rule and Procedure
  • Negotiating
  • Conduct Training and Seminar
  • Information Technology
  • Solving Problem
  • Leader Ship and Teamwork

  My Biodata



Zaffar Abdul Samad

Contact Address:


32, Laluan Desa Putra 14, Villa MDP,



Bercham, 31400,


Ipoh, Perak, West Malaysia


E-mail Address


Mobile Telephone Number


0060-12-575 4032

Home Telephone Number


0060-5-533 1508




Date of Birth


26th June 1962









Married with 2 Childrens




Passport Number


A 1220 4282


Higher Education:

Certificate in Hotel and Catering Management Graduate in 1983]

Faculty of Hotel and Catering,

University Technology Mara [Uitm] Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia


Secondary Education:

1.Malaysian Certificate of Education with Grade 2

2. Lower Certificate of Education

Sek Menengah Clifford Kuala Kangsar, Perak  Malaysia

Course Attended

Date Hotel Courses
August 1990 South East Asia Hotel, Kuala Lumpur On the job training
February 1989 Hyatt Borneo Management , Brunei Train the Trainer
June 1990 Hyatt Borneo Management , Brunei Ice Carving
August 1990 Hyatt Hotel Adelaide, Australia Malaysia food Promotion and Cultural Festival
February 1991 Hyatt Borneo Management , Brunei Fire Safety
March 1991 Hyatt Borneo Management , Brunei Royal Banquet Services
February 1992 Sheraton Hotel, Brunei Sheraton Guess Satisfaction System
March 1992 Sheraton Hotel, Brunei Training Skill Workshop and Managing the function of training Programme
September 1993 Sheraton Hotel, Brunei Basic Stewarding
January 1994 Sheraton Hotel, Brunei Enrolled in ITT Sheraton, Businmess Diploma Course run by Bond University , Australia
March 1996 Jerudong park polo Club, Brunei Brunei Royalty Menu Planning
March 1996 Jerudong park polo Club, Brunei Food Hygiene and Sanitation
June 2001 Sol Elite Marbella, Indonesia Successful Motivation for Professional Executives
July 2001 Sol Elite Marbella, Indonesia Successful Professional Salesmanship
May 2002 Sol Elite Marbella, Indonesia Getting more Bang for your Buck, Practical overview to yield management
March 2002 Sol Elite Marbella, Indonesia Success Secret of the greatest  Sales People
January 2005 Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Management Retreat Meeting & Workshop
1. Develop the Vision Statement, Mission and Values for the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.
2. Identify Center's goals and Philosophies
3. Leadership Roles, Responsibility and Commitment - Building Trust
4. Recruitment and Selection
5. Our People and Training - Recruitment Skills, People Management, Training and Coaching Skills
6. Team Synergy, Activities and Action Plan 2005/2006
May 2005 Shangrila World Hotel, Beijing Food Safety Management System and Shangri - la Care 1,2,3 & 4



Computer Literate: Knowledge of Windows, Words, Excel, Internet, Power Point, Front Page,  Calc menu Program and Fidelio System


Fluent in English and Malay  

Culinary Achievement

  • Employee of the Month, July 1984 in Rain tree Club, Kuala Lumpur

  • Employee of the Month, May 1987 in Hyatt Borneo Management Services

  • Manager of the Quarter, December 1982, Sheraton , Brunei


  • Confrerie De la Chaine Des Rotisseurs

  • Association Mondiale De La Gastronome, Paris

  • Member of Malaysian Chef Association