TL's WIN MILL Treadmill!
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SINCE 1983


We have been building treadmills for over 15 years & have satisfied customers world-wide. With our new reverse cut a-way design your dog will never bloody his tail again. All of our mills are adjustable for a custom fit of any size dog. Every mill features a fully adjustable belt system, you adjust the belt the way you want it.

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Best of all our Standard Mill is only $950 + shipping.

The Deluxe Mill with in-line roller blade wheels

is only $1150 + shipping.

Every mill is ready to use, no assembly is required.


We will be glad to send you a color photo & information on our mills, simply:

Write us at: 5975 W. Western Way PMB-T Tucson AZ 85713

Call us at:
(520) 578-9771
evenings are best

E-mail: T. L. Williams

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