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My Favorite Music

Hi, here is a list of my favorite songs i play when i am chatting with you on yahoo or icq. Maybe you will enjoy some of these also. I will start with my most favorite ones first: Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston: When you believe... Green Day: Macy's Day Parade... Green Day: Minority... Aerosmith: Angel... Clarence Frogman Henry: On Bended Knee... Everly Brothers: All I Have To Do Is Dream... Everly Brothers: Let It Be ME... Savage Garden: Affirmation... Savage Garden: I wanna stand with U on a Mountain... Savage Garden: I knew I loved YOu before I met you... Creed: My Sacrifice... Eiffel 65: Move your body... Ace of Base: The Sign... Disney Songs: Hercules-Go the Distance... Smash Mouth: Why Can't We Be Friends?... Marilyn Manson: The Nobodies... Blink 182: All the Small Things... Blink 182: Carousel... Unknown Artist: Voodoo... Well these are a few of the songs i like my son plays many that i cant remember the titles to but i like the music, funny huh. but its true. hope you like some of these too. Music is my tension release and i love it very much.... talk to you later..thank you for coming to my web pages.. if you have any comments let me know ,thank you....elaine

My Favorite Soft Drinks