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The David Westerfield Case

How It Began

Brenda's Girls Night Out

On January 25, 2002, a Friday night, Brenda van Dam and her friends Barbara Easton and Denise Kamal went to Dad's Bar & Grill in Poway, California. Brenda said it was a "farewell" party for Denise who was being transferred out of town by the airline she worked for. Brenda left her children Derrick, Danielle and Dylen at home with their father, Damon van Dam. In testimony, Brenda said the girls left home in her vehicle at about 9:00 pm and stayed at the bar until close at about 2:00 am. While there, the girls drank and danced "provacatively" together, attracting a lot of attention. Brenda saw a man she recognized as a neighbor who lived 2 doors away, who turned out to be David Westerfield. He bought Brenda and her friends a drink and spoke a few casual words to Brenda van Dam.

The Cookie Sale

On the following Wednesday or Thursday evening Brenda van Dam took Danielle around the neighborhood selling Girl Scout cookies, along with her younger son Dylen.

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