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Betty Alcaraz...Owner/Operater of
Twilight Acres Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Thank you for visiting our site. We are a very small Nigerian Dwarf Goat Ranch in Golden Valley, AZ. We moved here from Southern California in September 2003 to start our Goat Ranch. We initially started out raising Boer Goats that we loved very much but soon found out they were a little big for us to handle. We looked and fell in love with the Nigerian Dwarf goats and we look to expand our herd in the near future. At the present time, 9/29/05...we currently have seven beautiful does and two studly little bucks. Our goal is to breed Quality Dairy Stock, with Show conformation and also Pets. We socialize them from birth for excellent temperaments. Please feel free to call us anytime or just come by and see us, we love to talk GOAT!!!
Betty Alcaraz

This is my Daughter Kass who helps me take
care of my goats.

This is my Grandson Konner who is going to
help me in the future milk my goats.

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