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Everything you wanted to Know about Malta

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Malta Government Official Home Page Malta Interactive
includes a really nice multi media slide presentation
Malta Net - the site to see Cafe Malta
Merhba [Bi-Ligual] The first Malta "home page" continually improving - This site is maintained by Grazio Falzon from Ohio, U.S.A. Malta's most comprehensive guide on the Internet
Yes, here you can search for anyone who has any connection with Malta - Antoine Zammit's Ultimate Site. Malta, Gozo, and Comino Index
The Westgate Malta Page
Pictures from Malta Air Malta Schedules
Find out about Malta's National Airline and its scheduled flights
Typical feastday in Malta
Take a look at a typical feast day in Luqa, one of the villages of Malta.
Malta Web. This colourful and very informative site is worth frequent visits
And yet another Malta site. Check this one out - it is very informative. An excellent page by Joe Farrugia Clyde Meli's Malta Network Resources.
Get all your facts about Malta Maltese folk songs "Ghana Malti" new programme every two weeks [requires Real Audio]
His Holiness Pope John Paul II visits Malta to beatify three Maltese people. Focus on Malta - a thorough search on Malta and things Maltese
Album of Old Pictures from Malta Religious Posters by Maltese Artists
Gozo - beautiful panoramic views, maps, information, etc. Take a tour of Gharb [Gozo]
Daily News from Malta Maltese recipes
Daily Times of Malta Malta Links
Dun Gorg Preca - Malta's first Beatified. Malta Export Trade Corporation
The Maltese Community page Senglea pictures and stories - very interesting
Maltese Ghana and other News - Live 365 A very interesting Interactive Map of the Maltese Islands
View 3600 pictures of Malta A comprehensive collection of pictures of the Maltese Islands
Mellieha webpage Let's go to Malta
Building Virtual Bridges - a Maltese page from South Australia's Hon Consul for Malta Old Maltese customs and Household implements (Memorabilia by Charles Belli, Australia)
Another source of Maltese recipes

For their bravery during the war, King Geoge VI awarded Malta the George Cross. It was the only time that such an honour went to a Nation - The Island of Malta The only award of the George Cross which was not published in the London Gazette. The award was made by King George VI to the Governor of Malta by letter dated 15 April 1942:

"To honour her brave people I award the George Cross to the Island Fortress of Malta to bear witness to a heroism and devotion that will long be famous in history."
(Signed) George R.I. April 15th, 1942

The citation read by President Roosevelt when he visited Malta in December 1943 read:
"In the name of the USA I salute the Island of Malta, its people and its defenders, who, in the cause of freedom and justice and decency throughout the world, have rendered valorous service far above and beyond the call of duty. Under repeated fire from the skies Malta stood alone and unafraid in the centre of the sea, one tiny, bright flame in the darkness - a beacon of hope in the clearer days when which have come. Malta's bright story of human fortitude and courage will be read by posterity with wonder and gratitude through all the ages. What was done in this island maintains all the highest traditions of gallant men and women who from the beginning of time have lived and died to preserve the civilisation for all mankind."
(Signed) Franklin D. Roosevelt, 7 December 1943.

The Author

Four of my favourite books about Malta are written by Charles Fiott. They give a nostalgic quick look at the Villages and Towns of Malta and Gozo. These books are sure to be enjoyed by visitors to Malta and also by those of us who are "Ex-Pats", and have left our native land to other adopted lands, such as Canada, The United States, Australia, Britain, New Zealand, and elsewhere. To find out more about these books send an e-mail to the author himself, by clicking on his photo above.

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