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nAvIgAtIoN hElP: Some people ask me what the GREEN and RED arrows indicate? Well it means for each section that have a RED arrow next to it means the link is down/close. In other words i didn't get to work on that part yet means it doesn't exist yet. How about the GREEN? it is simple green mean it open or finish. GREEN indicates that is is usable and ready. Well that all basically.

- Updates

Subject: RaP Section!
Date: Thu, 11 April 2003
Poster: AzNrAcErBoy 
 Yup that right, rap section is almost finish  we just need till next Wednesday till Javier get back his SBC to start uploading all the songs. Ay you bitches lol jk Vote 4 us. Any affiliates out there please contact Duy. LaTeZzZ

Subject: New lInKs uP!!
Date: Sun, 06 April 2003
Poster: T-bAi 
 Yo thanks to Vincent we got N - Z Lyrics Section up. Also Go check out our album preview goto Buy Cd or Click Here. This site is finally taken shape. Me and Vincent also deciding if we should make this site layout blue or red. If you got a suggestion please feel free to email me. Also the rating section is up too! Took me 5 hours and took Vincent 3 hours just to post up those stuff. Well I might do some more links. But im taking a rest now im tired. Later.

Subject: Delaying Problems!!
Date: Sat, 05 April 2003
Poster: T-bAi 
 Sup! Sorry the site suppose to have a grand opening today but it was delayed. I thought about this and I want to put up more links before i will actually be opening the site. Once you guys see my vote section is up mean it ready. Hey! the A - M Lyrics Section is up! thanks Vincent for sending me those. I didn't know where he got it and thanks most of you guys that send in all the other one. Especially thanks to azn_krew408@hotmail.com for sent in about 20 lyrics! Well thanks you man.  Oh yeah and today i did manage to put almost all the link for the MAIN part. Took me about 30 - 60 minutes but it was worth it. I think it will be today or probably tomorrow that i will start to post up all the lyrics from A - M. My partner Vincent, will be doing lyrics N - Z. Since his computer is lagging or something is wrong it keep crashing every time he uploads. So I will be doing all the uploads for now. He will be providing me with the lyrics by sending it to me through email.

Subject: GrAnD OpEninG!!
Date: Fri, 04 April 2003
Poster: T-bAi 
 Yooo Was sup! The site grand opening is tomorrow actually. But just to let you know i making this site is purposely for AzN MuSiC. We will actually be posting Asian raps on this sites. Allot of them are free and good also. If you want to own a CD of better songs that we have provide you please Click Here to see order form. I will go through more information later but right now just the important details. It cost about $10.00 shipping and handling will be provided for you. Sorry only in U.S. only! If you are out of the country please enjoy our fee azn raps that we had provided. Well that about all but I will try to update again tomorrow and probably post more links up but for now that it. Im oUttA HerE! Click here Vote 4 Us!!