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Hey You had come to the right spot man. Here we give you the best asian rap you can ever download from the free section in our site. Here is the thing that is included;
- A case with printed front and back cover
- Up to 18 songs of Asian raps
- With printed labeled CD front cover.

Sorry for now we still haven't got the chance to make the CD's yet but I worked out the whole cover and the CD label already. You could see a small preview at the bottom.

Sorry we only accept money order or cash only! No credit cards, or Checks.




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Type: Rap

Type: Love


Thang Bai - Hanging On
price: $10.00..
feature: 14 Asian raps songs

(coming soon!)


Thang Bai - Loves Goes On
price: $12.00
feature: 14 asian love songs

(coming soon!)

More to come!!