Ray Nitschke

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Birth Name: Ray Nitschke

 Born: 1936

  Height: 6' 3”



Ray Nitschke, a football player that needed no nick name, the simple utterance of his name would inspire fear into the opposing team. An imposing force with a crippling blow, Ray' known meanness was what made him one of the most feared players to ever play in the NFL. His early years weren't easy and that may have been the source of the anger and passion that Ray displayed in every game he played. His father was a mean man and didn't treat Ray like a son according to family members. The resentment towards his father was his fuel on the field according to Ray's ex-wife Diane.

Ray led the Green Bay Packers to 5 Super Bowl titles. This incredible feat during the Vince Lombardi era was one of the reasons the Packers were called one of the first NFL dynasties. Ray was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame in 1978 for his great performances. One of which was an “Ice Bowl” played in sub freezing weather. Ray died in 1998 a football legend.