Cedric Gracia

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Birth name: Cedric Gracia

Born: 1978, Pau France

Height: 6' 3


Cedric Gracia is considered by many to be the best all-around mountain biker around. His flow and unmistakable style is one of the reasons Cedric is considered the top dawg. He is known for his huge table tops and crazy no handers off of gaps that some pros won't even attempt. He competes in all sorts of different events, the downhill, 4x, and in the many Red Bull competitions around the world. He has won the Red Bull rampage and has been on the podium numerous times in other events.

His style was shown best in a recent world cup 4x race. Cedric was in practice and decided the course wasn't hard enough, so he decided to pull a back flip on one of the courses jumps. This is what has made Cedric one of the most loved riders in mountain biking today. His fun attitude and willingness to try just about anything have made Cedric a king in the mountain bike world.