Brett Favre

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Birth name: Brett Favre

Born: Gulfport Mississippi

Height: 6' 2


Brett Favre is one of the best quarterbacks to ever live. He has led his team of Green Bay Packers to two Super Bowl titles and has never had a losing season with them. His guts and determination have earned him respect from his teammates and opponents alike. During a recent season he played over half his games with a broken thumb, on his throwing hand. That same season when the Packers were in the Super Bowl Playoffs Favre received news that his beloved father Big Irv had died unexpectedly. The day after this he played one of his greatest games ever and although the Packers lost, that performance went down in sports history forever.

Along with his on field greatness Favre is a very giving man. He has a charity in his name to help less fortunate children. He also sponsors a celebrity golf tournament and softball game. Favre's fame has not gone to his head like it has some professional athletes. He is still just another person, one that throws a football very good