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The Slayers Turf

I stumbled across my VERY old, VERY VERY crummy site today. It made me laugh alot, seeing where I came from and where I am today. I had completley forgoten about this account at all. To keep anyone who may still come here, though I doubt theres any, TST is very alive and active elsewhere. The URL is on this page. Seeing this really makes me appreciate all I have learned. I do my own graphics now. My layouts are WAY better. My content and the way I speak has improved so much. My counter has gotten past the 1,000 mark. I've been at this for three years, and though I came from "geek infested roots", I love those damn roots and I'll keep them with me forever. Please, visit the VERY improved TST. Make sure to comment, because I am still an insecure one! lol. I love you all, thanks for your dedication!!


The Slayer's Turf

It's still Alive and Kickin!

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