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Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar had a normal life. That was until eating in a resturant with her mother at age four when a talent manager spoted her and turned her into one of the biggest celeberties today. Sarah appered in many cermerrcials around the globe quickly adding up a long list of credits.

Than something happened that almost read in bold letters: Acting carrer over. Sarah aggreed to do a Burger King cemmercial where she downsized the competerters (Mc Donalds) 'punny' burgers. This made Mc donals furious and they sued everyone envolved in making the ad. Including Sarah.

Still a lawsuit couldnt stop this young scarlett from moving on up and she is now a big time star. Appering in tones of movies and even lending her voice for some of TVs animated series,Sarah proves hard work and determination can get you through almost anything.