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Buffy Anne Summers

*Spoilers may pop up so if you dont want it spoiled turn back now!*
Buffy Summers is currently 20 years old. In its 5th season Buffy went out with a bang. Buffy is now dead rotting in her grave. She killed herself for her sister.(if only my sister would do that...:)) But i trust Joss Whedon(creater) when he says buffy will be back and she is comming back on the UPN network!

Buffy Summers moved to the quiet suberb of Sunnydale California. She quickly made friends with Cordelia Chase most popular girl in school and than decided to hang with a shy unpopular Willow Rozenburg and her gang. This made her close to enemys with Cordy but best buds with willow and her friend (and secret crush for a long time) Xander Harris. Buffy had been the slayer at her previous school Hemrey High in LA. After she burnt down the gym (it was infested with vampires) she got kicked out and her and her mom moved to sunnydale. But there are vampires here too........

(yeah i know could you vauge that up for me!!??! but most of you ppl know her so well i didnt feel the need to go so indepth because half of you mainly wont visit this page)