History of the Black Mass in Pictures

The Guiborg Mass
Paris, 1666

The Guiborg Mass
Illustration in Le Satanisme et la Magie, by Jules Bois
Artist: Henry de Malvost
Paris, 1903

Illustration in Juliette, by the Marquis de Sade
Paris, 1797

Black Mass
Paris, 1903

Illustrations in: La Sorciere, by Jules Michelet
Paris, 1862
Witches Sabbath
Artist: Martin van Maele
Paris, 1911

Priest Performing Black Mass
Artist: Martin Van Maele

Illustration in La-Bas, by Huysmans
Paris, 1891
Canon Docre
Artist: Henry Chaprout
Paris, 1924

Black Masses
Paris, 1926

Messe Noire
Paris, 1928

The Satanic Mass
by H.T.F. Rhodes, 1954

Museum of Witchcraft - England

The Satanist
by Dennis Wheatley, 1960

Church of Satan - 1966

Coven - 1969