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Live Long And Prosper

Revenge of the Trekkies

Home Trekkies are the superior beings on this planet, no doubt about it. We will take over the world one day, mark my words.

Anyway, Trekkies are EVERYWHERE.. in virtually every country blessed with electricity and TV. There are annual gatherings, also known as conventions, where Trekkies and Tribbles and Vulcans and Klingons can gather and Mingle. One of the major and most well known conventions is held at the Las Vegas Hilton, and it features virtually EVERYTHING you could possibly want to know or buy - From Starfleet uniforms to Romulan Ale and Klingon Blood Wine. We even have a feature length documentary on us, title "Trekkies" (very imaginative, is it not?).

Now granted, there are some who can be called "fanatical," but this title cannot be tagged to us all... only most. Just kidding. there are those who have every deck and door of the Enterprise D memorized, and know the intricate workings of the plasma relays, and then there are those who don't even know Commander Riker's first name (infidels). The hardcore Trekkies say that the not so hardcore Trekkies are really not Trekkies - a bit of an internal conflict. I say nay, Everyone who does not change the channel when Star Trek reruns come on, and enjoy the show for the upteenth time, are Trekkies. If you do not meet this requirement, you are a poser, or at least a Semi-Trekkie.

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