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Live Long And Prosper

We are the Borg

The Borg Collective

You will be Assimilated A cybernetic race of other beings assimilated into the collective. The Hive Mind is single entity of billions of borg "drones" linked together. Individuality is non-existant - each drone is emotionless and thoughtless - their only purpose is to serve the collective. The Borg seek perfection - they see all other races as imperfect and wish to assimilate them ALL into the cellective to create the perfect race. The Borg have the ability to "adapt" to any and all forms of energy weapons which makes them a very formidable race.

The Klingon Empire

Qa'plaH! The Klingons have a militaristic culture focusing on an ever expanding empire. They thrive on war and seek honor and a glorious death in battle. Now, they do not plunder and seek conquest everywhere - piracy is dishonorable - but this can make relations with them somewhat strained. The Klingons are a very proud, tradition bound people, to say the least. Very load and Boisterous, whispering, not accepting a round of Blood Wine, or standing far away are all considered insults.

The Vulcans

Vulcan society is based purely on logic. Any hint of emotion is considered socially unacceptable. The first species to make first contact with the Human Race - April 4, 2063.

Once, long ago, they were a passionate, violent species, prone to huge and terrible civil wars. A vulcan Philosopher, Surak, led his people on a sort of renaissance, in which they rejected their emotions and embraced pure logic. Later this became known as "The Awakening."
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The Original