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This section is all about SCUBA gear

First of all, to keep warm you gotta have a wetsuit. Over the wetsuit goes the BCD, or Buoyancy control device. This is basically a vest that can be filled with air the control buoyancy. Attached to this is the inflator hose. Weights are used to sort of equal-out the BCD. These can either come on a seperate belt or buit into the BCD. Strapped to the back is the Tank and regulator system. This is the breathing apparatus of SCUBA gear. It includes your oxygen tank, regulator, pressure gauge, depth gauge, compass, and secondary regulator mouthpiece. Possibly the most essential piece of SCUBA gear is your mask. Usually made out of tempered glass or even plexiglass, and comes attached with a snorkel for use on the surface, so you don't waste your tank supply. Next you need your boots and fins. Most fins nowadays require the boots, and why you need fins is pretty obvious. You try swimming underwater carrying 50+ pounds of gear, not counting dive weights, WITHOUT fins, and you'll want them too. You should never forget your dive table/dive computer, but I won't get into how necessary those are. Everything else is pretty much extra, like a dive knife or underwater camera. This is what it should all add up too: