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Located within the depths of this page you will find the most guarded secrets of the U.S. Government...

Actually, you won't. You'll learn a few little tidbits of information about me, and if your lucky, how to gallop around to the cantering beat of coconut horse hooves...

So, the purpose of this page is to inform the world all about the intricate world of Sir Spamalot... So world, here you go!
Hehehe... I just used "world" three times in the same sentence.

I was born in Pasedena California on the 26th of September in the year 1988. Now, for those of you who do not wish to do the math, but still wish to know my age, you know who you are, lazy ones... the date of my birth puts me at an astonishing 14 years old. 15 if you feel like skipping ahead past the next 30 days or so. In Arizona, my current state of residence, the age of 14 would generally put me in 9th grade. However, because of my beginning school in California, I am in the 10th grade (woohoo!), althought I am the youngest sophomore at my school...

Well, now that thats out of the way, lets get on to more important matters. My favorite colors are green and gray. My girlfriend's favorite colors are green and silver . Creeeepyy.... In my spare time I like to play PC games, read, shoot guns, torch ants, hang out with friends, play the wonderful sport of airsoft, eat, talk to inamimate objects, listen to my friends talk to themeselves (*cough* Mike), laugh about jokes that aren't really funny, argue pointless points, and above all, SLEEP. *deep breath.....*

Note: after cross referencing the entire oxford-english dictionary, I have decided the that only three words that have any relevence what-so-ever are "the," "and," and "Belgium."

Hmmm.... lets see... is there any other relevent informatation that will boggle my reader's mind? I doubt it. Except that I Don't like SPAM! And before you ask, the title Sir Spamalot has nothing to do with either the processed everything foodstuff, or the really annoying junk emails everyone gets in their inbox.

Unfortunatley I possess no relevent pictures of either I or someone galloping around to the sound of coconut hooves, but I do have a picture of this guy:

Does this man remind you of someone?

He is contacting his people. and by the way, you have to click on him to get back to the main page.