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The first official homepage of the great Sir Spamalot.

No, really, i'm serious...


Yes I am. This is the first official page of the great Sir Spamalot's family.

And Friends

Thats right


On to the page now.

Off you go now...

Here is my family in its complete uninterrupted glory..

And here is the actual order of importance..

  1. Me, Sir Spamalot
  2. Me.
  3. and, uhh.. me..

All others bow before the might and glory of he who is named of the Spam...

IF you wish to visit the page dedicted to me, which is filled with multiple references to Monty Python, click here
Killer Coding Ninja Monkeys do exist.
Click the monkey to go through the portal in the back of the dryer to the land where the lost socks go. Communism is neat.