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Last One...

Robert: i worry about you, when haven't i :P all i want to do is help, i want to be here for you, i can respect the fact that you just dont want to jump right back into things, i think we still love each other but we're keeping somethings on the backburner, that's alright though. It's hard to be here for you, when there isn't much of you at all. This quest could take a long time, and in a long time God knows what that backburner will be like. Maybe it won't cool down at all, but is it worth the risk? We can always keep it warm. I do love you and you are my most trustworthy friend, and i care for you as a friend, I miss you

Mika: and waiting for 5 mins to receive something like that is something i have missed to :)

Mika says: but until the next time i see you, remember, i'll love you, for you, not for what bad actions you take, its all about you!
Rob says: mika! you're special, i forgotto tell you that today
Rob says: what kindof meal should i get when i got to lunch before work

Rob says: i'll let you pick

Rob says: well first pick aplace

Mika says: something foriegn, doesnt matter what so long as its not a usual food

Rob says: well i cant go to resturant

Rob says: i meant fast food

Rob says: :P

Mika says: take away

Rob says: there's KFC, Dairy Queen, McDonalds

Mika says: kfc is the best out of them

Rob says: what kind of chicken thing should i get

Rob says: twister, classic combo, pop corn

Rob says: pop corn chicken*

Mika says: well what are you haing?

Rob says: im letting you pick

Mika says: i say kfc

Rob says: okay, but what to eat there

Mika says: do they do the upsize meals there?

Rob says: yep

Mika says: well get whatever and upsize it

Rob says: i usually just biggy the fries, and not the drink

Rob says: but what to eat

Mika says: those twister are nice

Mika says: better than a burger

Rob says: okay then, i'll get a twister with upsize

Rob says: you knwo what?

Rob says: when i go to KFC that's what i always get

Mika says: hehe

Rob says: wow

Rob says: it's 1

Rob says: and your still here!

Mika says: hehe

Mika says: when we were in Milwaukee doing filming, the cool tutor and me were bored out of our minds doing boring biology work, so he said, lets go to the zoo here, i've never been to it before, so we did. so we had our 'pretend' field trip to the zoo, on the way there we mucked around that we were on a field trip and lost the rest of the class. when we got at the gate, the tutor funny as he is says, were on a field trip and lost the rest of the class, do we get cheap admission? and we got in for free

Rob says: wow, what a cool tutor.

Rob says: at work this big cube van wanted to go through the carwash. we didn't know the maxium clearence so we just gave him the ticket. He got half way in but the roof was scratching along the top of the car wash door, and the buddy got stuck...need i say anymore

Mika says: hahahaha

Mika says: i'm sure i'll be there in your dreams tonight to look forward to it

Rob says: ill be in yours

Mika says: no reason why you shouldnt be

Mika says: see you tomorrow

Rob says: see you soon,i love you

Mika says: i love u to

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