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Miss Mika, Your Small Quest

Let me begin by stating my purpose of making this....hmmm change of mind, you'll find out the purpose when you complete it :)

However, I will say that this is a small quest, this is how you go about it;

On each page there will be a question, and yes, I'm sure you guessed have to figure out the answer. Once you know the answer you move on to the next page. To move on to the next page all you have to do is type in the answer in the URL. Example...

Let's say the answer is Love, then in the URL you type;

Or if it was, Robbie, it would be

At the end of this small quest there is a small surpirse, and thus my purpose for all of this.

So let us begin...

There is one thing wish I hope that I make you do each time i see you, or each time you read an email from me. it's something that cheers me up when you do it, and when you do it I do it too. What is it?