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A Pisces Born in the Chinese Year of the Rat

"This incisive character, a wizard by combination of receptivity and offense, serves best as half of a team. If there is one person who can play the game in hand with a partner and win almost every time, due to the very energy created by the partnership, it's the Pisces/Rat. The Pisces, extrasensitive and watery, when allied to the power-hungry Rat gains a certain perspective on the finite that assures him an exceptional ability to make wise choices. For the basically indecisive Pisces, the addition of Rat will to his character helps him to set goals and adhere to limits.

"Pisces/Rats are dependent. They don't operate alone. For the most part they form the other half of a couple where they assume a role as "better half" or "good cop" or "spokesman" or "whip." Pisces/Rat doesn't want the whole pie. Nor does he want the responsibility that goes with administering or engineering enterprises on his own. Pisces/Rat is a born sidekick. He or she will be caring and nurturing of the chosen partner. Pisces/Rat will be faithfull to his other half's ideals, and never openly deride him or her. Pisces/Rat may appear to follow the leader half of his duo but in fact may very well be the secret ringleader himself. In private, the Pisces/Rat confides his doubts and warnings to his closest associate, serves as counselor and sage. But in public, Pisces/Rat takes a back-row seat and surrenders the stage to his leader.

"Pisces/Rats are sharp-tongued. They never defend, but always jump quickly to offend before they are attacked. These people affect snobbishness and seem status-conscious. But behind an air of self-importance and near haughtiness, the Pisces/Rat is a softie. If you looked in his or her hiddenmost cupboards, you would be likely to find stacks of old teddy bears and sweet little dogeared books of maudlin poetry. The Pisces epidermal sensitivity is not annihilated by the Rat's aggression, but it can easily be camouflaged in subjects born under these two signs.

"Pisces/Rats tend to be jealous of the fortunes of those more basically daring and brash than themselves. They attempt to justify their envy of those they dislike by denigrating their talents or questioning their morality. Pisces/Rats are a shade self-righteous and won't hesitate to take an attitude of holier-than-thou in order to quell the enthusiasm of someone they feel is a potential threat. They need not, of course, waste time on such drivel, as they themselves are supremely talented and often, if given the opportunity, excel at arts and letters, musical careers or business.

"The major talent of this attractive and trenchant person is his or her ability to adapt to the demands of any human situation that presents itself. Pisces/Rats skitter about from circumstance to circumstance without flinching or showing their hands.They are skillful and devoted, thrifty and aware. The Pisces/Rat's perception makes him or her an invaluable asset to stodgier and pushy yet less sensitive people. Pisces/Rat wants power for the group, success for the community, advancement for the team."

The above excerpt was taken from Suzanne White's mind-expanding book, "The New Astrology," in which she delineates 144 human natures from the 12 Chinese Years and the 12 months of the Western Zodiac.

Other Pisces/Rats: James Taylor (singer-songwriter), Shaquille O'Neal (basketball player), Knute Rockne (Notre Dame football coach), Ursula Andress (model), Bernadette Peters (actress), Patricia Nixon (First Lady), George Washington (President).