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Mish's House

Hi everyone and welcome to my house! Come on in and I will take you for a tour. I have just gotten a lot of new stuff so feel free to help yourself to anything that takes your fancy.

I would like to thank "Pat's Flat" for letting me raid her attic!Thanks Pat! If you get the chance be sure and visit her,you will find her banner at the bottom of the page along with a way to add your own site to my links page.PLEASE DO!

Oh by the way...I am still looking for a few things;a dresser and a toy box for the kids,some things for a teenagers room,a new kitchen sink and a hose and sprinkler for the backyard,mabey a trampoline. If anyone runs across any at that wonderful price of "free",please sign my guest book and let me know. Thanks.

Boy is it warm out here! Why don't we go on in and have a look around. You first,just open my front door and go on in.

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