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UPDATED March 2005... Barking Spider Records introduces 2nd Natures 1st E.P. release "Comming Down" will be hitting the shelves of the local record stores by the end of this month. 2nd Nature (get samples of their tunes and stuff here ) will be performing in Austin, Tx April 12th 2005 at Emos (directions listed on their website). Click on the links above to check out Limerence' pre-production tracks, we will be releasing the full length album by May 05' Of course you can listen free. Thanks for being here.We'll be here at angelfire for only a short time. I intend to get this thing rolling pretty quick. Concerning Conspiracy Theory, We are fixing the lineup right now. Check out our session players in the PIX section. Thanks to all you lovely people who are and will be supporting this fine band of musicians! The pleasure is ours! I will be updating this site at least monthly.

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