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Cast Photos:

Little Hero

Polly Kuan Barry Chan Lo Lieh Wang Hsieh
Ching Kuo Chung Lee Kwan Kong Ching Ha Weng Hsiao Hu
Chia Kia Ngai Chi Wong Lam Chung Ching Ching
Che Chi Sang Yuen Si Wo Lam Mei Ling

To Be Identified:

1. 2. 5. 7.
8. 15.

The on-screen acting credits include the following names (the identified actors are omitted): Yiu Wai, Yung Siu Fu, Lau Kwok Chung, Hui Tin Tak, Shih Ting Ken, Ho Wai Hung, Go Pau Gwan, Cheung Shu Lam.

Last revised March 9, 2005.

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