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March 10 2003
-- HAHAHAHAHAHA!  I'T MY BIRTHDAY!  I'M 18!  WAHOOO!  GO ME!  *Ahem*Dispite overwhelmingly stupit computers, I have single handedly created a new link page.  Stuff that was on my "Stuff I like page" or whatever I was calling it is now on my links page.  Go cheek it out.  It inclouds(sp) all of my curent Web Comic addicions, my Live Journal link, my frineds art pages and HOME STAR RUNNER (be sure to go there some day ^_~).  Anyway, it's 3:30am and i'm really tired so I'll reconfig more stuff latter.  Love you!  ^.^  OH, and as always, someone pleas let me know if something is really messed up and needs fixing.  K?

March 5 2003 -- Ok, so it's been long time sense I've been here but I have plans to change everything around.  I just have to find the time to change it all.  I’ll get to it really soon, I promise!  *soon I hope*

Jan. 21 2003 -- Wahoo!  Everything works just like I want it too!  *Go me!*  Well...Go Raven!  She really helped me get all of the pic.s and stuff veiwable by telling me when I fixed the problme and she could see it on her comp.(My deseptive comp. will only show me what I want!  Not how it is!)  Any way.  Everything should work now!  Enjoy!

Jan. 13 2003 -- Hello and wellcom to my vary first web thing...well actualy this is my web portfolio; an on line stash of my writings.  Wich from this fisrt sentace your problly thinking that it cant be vary good.  Well you might be right.  But at lest I'm giving it a shot!  I'll try to up date every month (hopeing that I can find this again at home).  Anyway enjoy.  E-mail me what you think!

::  Links  ::

Breackfast Culb Subculture
*A brife look and my group
of best frineds in highschool.

Reflective Essay
*Reasons why I put up what I did! ^_~*
Who has the Right?
*A resurch essay on TV censorship (please don't be affended with my views)*
*Entrys from my journal that I kepted during my 121 class*

*A rather random collection of
my writing (would be better if
I could get my pics on here!).*

*Links to some of my
fav. places*

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