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7/23/07 Yesterday I went to a Potomac Nationals game and received these current players all on one ball:
Greg Bunn
Marco Estrada
Marvin Lowrance
Christopher Marrero
Gene Yost
Brian Peacock
Justin Maxwell
Jack Spradlin
Devin Ivany
Ian Desmond
Josh Perrault
Brett McMillan

1/27/06 I am going to start trying to get more E-Mail Successes from more sports players. Today I sent out an e-mail to Darren Bennett the ex-punter for the Chargers and was last years punter for the Vikings. Also today I sent out an e-mail to Mike Eruzione, who played on the USA Olympic team in the what we all know as the Miracle. I will post E-Mail Addresses once I get a success from them.

5/9/04 Today I added the Football Successes page. Now you can actually see all of the football autographs I have received through the mail.

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