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When you love someone and they hurt you...

When I first saw you,
You had this confidence within.
When I got to know you,
You wanted to be rid of all sin.

You wanted a new beginning,
but you didn’t know where to start.
You needed my guidance,
You said we would never part.

So I shared my knowledge,
On life and the curves it throws.
How to let go of things that slow you down,
And show you the things that would help you grow.

I watched you go through your first baby boy,
I helped you on dealing with what you couldn‘t see.
It wasn’t easy to get pushed and shoved from you,
Knowing the anger wasn’t towards me.

So many nights I cried myself to sleep,
Hoping and wishing that you would change.
Change into the man I once knew,
The man that said he would never live in vain.

A man that told me that he loved me forever,
A man that told me we would make it.
We went through hard times,
And we climbed the mountains and made it.

Written by: Natalie Parker
Copyright @2004


Love is,
the strongest feeling known,
an all-encompassing passion,
an extreme strength,
and overwhelming excitement.
Love is,
trying not to hurt the other person,
trying not to change the other person,
trying not to dominate the other person,
trying not to dominate the other person,
trying not to deceive the other person.

Love is,

understanding each other,
listening to each other,
supporting each other,
having fun with each other...

Love is,
not an excuse to stop growing,
not an excuse to stop making yourself better,
not an excuse to lesson one's goals,

not an excuse to take the other person for granted,

Love is,
being completely honest with each other,
finding dreams to share,

working towards common goals,
sharing responsibilities equally.

Everyone in the world wants to love,
Love is not a feeling to be taken lightly,
Love is a feeling to be cherished, nurtured and cared for,
Love is the reason for life.